1. For use with respiratory therapy treatment – most often with Intermittent Positive Presser Breathing (IPPB) Treatment. 2. Vinyl and Foam pads for option. 3. Disposable; Single-use; Non-sterile.# f35-1696a vinyl pads, nose clip, disposable single use non-sterile color : blue# f35-1696b foam pads

1. Lightweight and easy to use. 2. Disposable to reduce possibility of cross-contamination. 3. Single use, individually packed, sterilized. # J01-5000 VAGINAL SPECULUM, DISPOSABLE PLASTIC, SCREW TYPE SIZE: SMALL INDIVIDUALLY PACK, STERILIZED # J01-5010 VAGINAL SPECULUM, DISPOSABLE PLASTIC, SCREW TYP

1. Especially funnel design and non- return valve to collect vomit and urine without splash. 2. Foldable funnel (cardboard) welding to plastic bag to hold firmly. 3. Clear polyethylene bag with graduation for medical purpose. White color for not seeing vomit stuffs. 4. The vomit bag is suitable to